19 Jan 2014


Okay, fine. I`m very much spontaneous. If there`s one thing I hate, it`s waiting. I can`t be stuck in traffic alone because I`d go crazy. Funny though, I hate waiting so instead, I`m always the last one to arrive among my friends but I`m always early for work. I HAVE AN EXTENSIVE AMOUNT OF LOVE FOR DOGS. Like, I can just play with any dog I see anywhere. Mum even calls me the "Dog Queen".... yeah, I know. 

Wait, I`ve been on this for almost half an hour now with the least to write about. I was already complaining on Twitter about how I can`t describe myself which totally sucks. My friend Dino then "helped" me:

I listen to metal more than pop punk and I don`t know, sometimes when people say "that`s so pop punk", I find it sarcastic and meant to be offensive so I don`t really like it when people tell people that "they`re pop punk". I prefer metal. horns up. 

I honestly don`t know how to describe myself, really. If we`re friends, then you know me well. If you follow me in any social media platform, then you might as well get an idea who I am because what you see is what you get. I`m very honest about my opinions and no one can really tell me what and what not to do. I do things my way and I know the possible consequences. All I know is, I`m trying to live my life the way I want it to be.

Much love,

P.S. I`m sorry if this post sounds off, I`m not on my toes right now.

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